My all the classes mentioned below are delivered on Skype/ Google Hangout (one to one training)-

IELTS Academic complete course- 20 sessions (20 hours) - Rs. 11,000

IELTS General complete course- 20 sessions (20 hours) – Rs. 11,000

IELTS Writing Intensive Course- 7 sessions (7 hours)- Rs. 4200

IELTS Reading Intensive Course- 6 sessions (6 hours)- Rs. 3600

IELTS Listening Intensive Course- 6 sessions (6 hours)- Rs. 3600

IELTS Speaking Intensive Course- 7 sessions (7 hours)- Rs. 4200

PTE Academic complete course- 20 sessions (20 hours) - Rs. 11,000

French level A1- 40 sessions (40 hours) - Rs. 24,000

French level A2- 60 sessions (60 hours)- Rs. 36,000

French level B1- 100 sessions (100 hours) – Rs. 60,000

French TEF exam- 120 to 160  hours- Rs. 600 per hour

( Course duration depends on what score you required for Canada immigration)

Terms & Conditions-

1. ALL classes must be PRE-PAID to a bank account designated by me.

2. I can only deliver classes after I have received  the payment

3. I will send you my bank details once you decide about the classes.

4. I must receive the exact tuition fees into my account. 

5. I only accept booking for pre-paid classes.

6. I consider a class booked after student and I have clearly agreed on the class days/time.

7. You can only cancel/reschedule/postpone 10% of your booked classes without any deduction from your total paid hours and for that you will have to give me a prior notice  before 24 hours. 

8. If you cancel/reschedule/postpone with less than 24 hour notice, the lesson hour(s) booked will be deducted from your total paid hours.

9. The above mentioned fee amount for any course is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

 Communication and Troubleshooting-

 If  there is any unforeseen technical situation like internet connection problem or poor connectivity from my side or your side, I will shift my classes  from Skype to Google Hangout so that our classes can go smoothly without interruption.


The use of my services shall imply that you have read, understood and agreed to ALL my Terms and Conditions above.